Chrome Plating

The Anochrome Group, is the UK’s largest specialist coatings provider, and are able to offer a wide range of nickel and chrome finishes on large or small batches and individual parts.

What is chrome plating?

Chrome plating, nickel chrome, bright chrome, decorative chrome or chromium plating are all ways of describing a thin layer of chromium metal deposited onto the surface of an object that has been coated with a layer of nickel.

Unlike zinc which forms a sacrificial layer on steel, nickel is anodic to steel, which means the steel will corrode in preference to the nickel. This is why you see rusty components with perfectly good plating peeling off. In order to prevent this, it’s key to provide a good surface to which you apply the coating and to form a seal around the component. The barrier layer of nickel is what provides the protection.

The chrome layer seals the surface of the nickel and prevents the nickel tarnishing and increases its corrosion resistance. The characteristic blue hue comes from the chromium layer making parts appear a cold silver colour whereas the nickel below has a much warmer yellow tint.

The Anochrome approach to chrome plating

We apply nickel only in rack on large items and in barrel applications for smaller screws etc. and also bright chrome top coats on steel and brass items where requested. We specialise in coating small items in high volumes although we also offer a re-chroming service on the same base materials and are able to offer a polishing service in partnership with a local supplier.

Please note that we do not replate Mazak/Zamak alloy parts or alloy wheels due to the different equipment needed.

We understand that a tailored approach to chrome plating is essential to your business. You can email us via the Contact page to discuss your individual requirements with an expert. We are also happy to provide you with further information on the products discussed here by email, or alternatively you can call us on +44 (0)1902 397333

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