Anochrome Technologies Ltd

Anochrome Technologies Ltd

Anochrome Technologies Ltd provides a global source of specialised coatings on both small and large batch sizes from  large military casings to fishing reel gears and from M90 wind energy studs to M3 aerospace fasteners.

The type of coatings supplied can be identified in five main fields:

  • Solid film lubricant  and organic coatings,such  as Xylan® from Whiford, Molykote® from Dow Corning and many others.
  • Corrosion protection coatings (ferrous products) with a full range of major zinc flake based paint systems such as Dorken’s Delta® coating in KL100, NOF’s (formerly Dacral) Dacromet® and Geomet® coatings in 321,360,500 and 720 guises, Magni coatings, Magni® 565 or B46 with optional (Black)  top coats and Zintech® /Techseal® systems, plus zinc and aluminium dust materials from in Schramm material and Alutherm  materials. Robotic spray line and manual spray booths are used to maximise efficiency and flexibility.
  • Aesthetic / Decorative Coatings,  in Epoxies, Acrylics, and Polyurethane to many automotive, industrial and military specifications.
  • Special coatings including EMC/RFi shielded coatings, thermal or insulation coatings and many duplex coatings systems.
  • Greenkote® thermal diffusion  zinc coatings on to threaded components, castings and pressings to provide durable corrosion resistant coating which when combined with top coats can give salt spray performance in excess of 2000 hours.

Anochrome Technologies Ltd offers, corrosion protection coatings, providing corrosion protection coatings in a variety of zinc flake systems and full decorative spray coating facilities with in house assembly and logo screen printing on brake calipers and other varied components.

Additionally, Anochrome Technologies operates an automatic hard anodising line at our Walsall branch which can handle items from V8 engine blocks down to small brake calipers and hydraulic piston assembly components.

Other specialist coatings for Automotive, Aerospace, and MOD requirements together with full technical back up and support are available from The Anochrome Group.


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