Anochrome Ltd

Anochrome Ltd, based in Walsall, West Midlands is recognised as a responsive, quality conscious and environmentally aware organisation which routinely invests in processing, personnel, and product development to ensure continual improvement and maintain its world class status.

The company offers high levels of service and satisfaction to all its customers and meets in full, the requirements of a wide range of markets, offering bulk processes including vat zinc and vat zinc nickel electroplating lines with a comprehensive range of passivates and torque modifying top coats including the latest MacDermid  heavy weight trivalent passivates.

The Cathodic Electrocoat or E-cote line has recently been upgraded to improve performance, of both the paint system and the operation and is capable of supplying competitive volume racked products to many automotive and industrial specifications.

Further processes available on this site include zinc barrel phosphate, all  supported by quality, environmental, training and development accreditations, designed to regulate and enhance company performance in pursuit of the objectives and aims within its policies.


Organics / E-cote

Zinc Plating




Anochrome Limited
Reservoir Place
West Midlands

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