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Inlex Locking Ltd the threadlocking and sealing specialist in Wolverhampton provides a comprehensive range of thread locking and sealant products for today’s high-tech fastening applications.

Applied via robotic and automated equipment using the latest technologies, application of reactive microencapsulated adhesives and non-reactive thread and underhead sealants systems provide the solution to the perennial problems of sealing metal to metal joints, whilst not affecting the integrity of the joint. The latest technology at Inlex allows duplex patches to be applied featuring two different products on the same fastener or if required single application of the same material on both thread and underhead in one application.

The sealing provided by systems such a Precote® 5 and 15 from omniTECHNIK,  Microseal 204 prevents potential problems such as water ingress, sealing on fluid tanks, roof channels and also provides vibration and elevated temperature solutions to service performance of unsealed systems. Both reactive and non-reactive sealants as well as  Inlex Locking Ltd Rimlex® systems are pre-applied to threads or under head forms, away from the joint assembly area, ensuring the correct amount is applied. These dry films are highly visible, elastic, none hardening and dispensed in highly accurate amounts ensuring a robust and consistent joint.

The range of reactive locking systems cover most of the popular products available, such as precote® 30, 80 and 85, 3M’s 2353 and 2510. In addition  prevailing Nylon 11 torque patch systems in blue, red  and other bespoke colours are available. These products can readily be applied to most substrates and commercial finishes, and are currently specified by a number of major OEMs in automotive, defence and other industries. The lubricants have been added to the range of pre-applied dry to touch patch systems available such as Nytorq, Top 300 and Torque tip and features in  Inlex Locking Ltd portfolio of services, together with an induction hardening facility for thread forming fasteners ranging from M5 – M14.

Automatic inspection of fasteners is also an Inlex speciality, inspection for non-conforming product and contamination is complemented by automatic crack detection services. Inlex, with its sister company W.E.P. provides a ‘one stop shop’ for the complete plate, patch and inspection of fasteners for manufacturers and users.



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