Finigard 105

Finigard® is a series of specialist passivate coatings developed and applied to zinc to enhance the corrosion resistance above that of standard zinc.

The Anochrome Group provides the full range of Finigard coatings, which are particularly adapted to provide protection when there is a potential for high corrosion across all sectors.

When is Finigard needed?

Finigard 105 is an organo-mineral finish which has been developed for bulk application to passivated zinc plated or zinc alloy components to improve the corrosion resistance of the base finish.

The controlled torque tension values of Finigard 105 is particularly suited to automotive specifications when the range of 0.12 to 0.18µm is required.

What are the benefits of utilising this coating?

This coating provides excellent corrosion resistance. After the process of salt spray (NFX 41002) on a >10µm zinc base after 1 hour thermal shock at 120°C has been applied, Finigard will prevent red rust for over 750 hours (manufacturers data).

We understand that a tailored approach to the application of Finigard and other passivate coatings is essential to your business. You can email us via the Contact page to discuss your individual requirements with an expert. We are also happy to provide you with further information on Finigard by email, or alternatively you can call us on 01902 397333.