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Electrophoretic Coating

What is electrophoretic coating?

The fundamental principle that makes electrophoretic coating work is that opposite charges attract each other. In the electrophoretic coating process a direct current rectifier is used to create a voltage potential between a conductive part and an oppositely charged electrode that is immersed in the electro coat paint tank. The electro coat paint particles are also capable of being electrically charged and are deposited out of a water suspension to coat the conductive part when the rectifier is turned on.

The voltage from the DC rectifier is used to control the amount of paint that is deposited onto the part. As the voltage is increased, the amount of paint deposited will also increase.

The deposition is self-limiting and slows down as the applied coating electrically insulates the part. Electro coat solids deposit initially in the part areas that are closest to the counter electrode and as these areas become insulated to the current, solids are forced into more recessed bare metal areas to provide complete coverage. This phenomenon is known as throwing power and is a critical aspect of the electrophoretic coating process.

The Anochrome approach to electrophoretic coating

The Anochrome Group offers Cathodic E-cote using the BASF paint process as it offers properties better suited to the requirement of major automotive original equipment manufacturers.

The performance for this process is very good when compared to similar priced processes, offering up to 1000hrs (ASTM B 117) in some cases.

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