optical sorting

Optical Sorting

The Anochrome Group can offer additional services such as optical sorting and crack detection at its Wolverhampton facility.

Defect Free

The use of this equipment enables work to be virtually defect free as far as dimensions are concerned, such that an extremely low number of defects in a few parts per million can be obtained.

Contamination Free

A far less discriminatory method of automatic screening can be used that will remove contaminants from a batch by using a significant characteristic.

Optical Sorting Machine

With the increasing use of automatic assembly systems, it is essential to  have good quality fasteners. The Optical Sorting Machine makes this possible by rejecting defective parts. The machine will also separate the accidental mixtures of work inevitable in any high volume plant production.

The machine can check:

  • Shank length
  • Shank diameter
  • Presence of a good thread
  • 2-start threads
  • Head diameter
  • Head height
  • Recess infill
  • Crack detect/ open bursts

Machine features:

  • High speed
  • Quick setting – easy changeover
  • Parts counted
  • Batching facility
  • Anti-jam mechanism
  • Close tolerances

Counting Facilities

6 figure counters are provided to indicate the total number of parts checked and the number of good parts selected. In addition to these counters, there is a 5 figure batch counter which stops the machine when a pre-set number of good parts has been counted.

Length Check

Two individually adjustable length cells are provided. These are set on the screen relative to the component’s ten-times enlarged shadow to give the required tolerances. When checking parts less than 20mm total length, extra length cells can be provided to check head height and shank length simultaneously.

Diameter Check

The silhouette is set against the reference cell, then the two adjustable cells are set to give the required tolerance.

Thread Check

Two vertical lines of cells on the array are spaced so that the silhouette of a blank or a thread of reduced height will fit between them. Therefore, any parts with threads missing or malformed threads can be rejected. Varying degrees of malformed threads can be detected by adjusting a sensitivity control.

We understand that a tailored approach to optical sorting is essential to your business. You can email us via the Contact page to discuss your individual requirements with an expert. We are also happy to provide you with further information on the optical sorting process by email, or alternatively you can call us on 01902 397333.

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