organic coatings


Organic Coatings

The Anochrome Group offers a wide range of organic coating solutions for differing applications, performances, colours, and surface properties. These services are available at plants and facilities throughout the Group’s companies enabling us to provide specialist organic coatings to clients across Europe.

What Is An Organic Coating?

In this content, organic compounds can normally be defined as compounds that contain carbon bonds in which at least one carbon atom is covalently linked to an atom of another type (commonly hydrogen, oxygen, or nitrogen).

Organic coatings are nearly always a barrier coating. That is to say they provide corrosion protection by forming a barrier between the substrate and the atmosphere, and if this is broken protection ceases.

Organic coatings can be manufactured with other materials either as part of the molecular structure or as an additive filler to provide a variety of special materials with differing attributes to suit the environment they are intended to serve in.

Below are four of the more well known surface coating uses for organic coatings, some such as Molykote and Xylan have become standard expressions for types of dry film lubricants and cover a wide range of products each with differing characteristics depending upon the needs. Please follow the links below for further information:

Dry Film Lubricants

Molykote and other PTFE Coatings

Xylan Coating


Many other systems such as decorative paint and powder coatings can also be classified as organic.

We understand that a tailored approach to organic coatings is essential to your business. You can email us via the Contact page to discuss your individual requirements with an expert. We are also happy to provide you with further information on the organic coating process by email, or alternatively you can call us on 01902 397333.