The Anochrome Group offers zinc phosphating at both its WEP and Anochrome facilities as either a preparation for further coatings or with oil as a finish.

A phosphate coating is a conversion process formed by reacting the base metal with the appropriate phosphate salt, with the thickness being controlled by the solution formulation, its temperature and the immersion time. Crystals are formed on the metal surface – the grain size of the crystals is important in order to give consistent corrosion and torque tension performance. All solutions used by the Anochrome Group contain grain refiners for this control. Although phosphate alone does not give corrosion protection, its absorption properties allow it to be used with oils to give a level of protection.

Depending on the physical characteristics of the substrate and the pre-treatment methods used, the translucent crystals of zinc phosphate appear black to light grey in colour.

Uses are many, both as a cheap but robust low specification corrosion coating, or as an effective undercoat and adhesion promoter for higher performing materials.

We understand that a tailored approach to phosphating is essential to your business. You can email us via the Contact page to discuss your individual requirements with an expert. We are also happy to provide you with further information on the phosphating process by email, or alternatively you can call us on 01902 397333.