Brake disc coating and Rotor Coatings

Brake Disc Coating and Rotor Coatings

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Disc Spraying Process

Our spraying processes have been developed with the most up-to-date technology, through the utilisation of computers and robots. This precise method of processing has been specially developed for large components, in particular ‘full or part’ coating of brake discs – in a variety of zinc flake coatings or paint specifications. This is coupled with Anochrome’s developments in environmental friendly water based materials and efficient low consumption induction curing systems which combined gives a strong package in maintaining the high standards required within the Global Automotive Industry.

The machine within the Anochrome Group has been designed to run at high throughput rates yet retaining the flexibility and quick part change over to handle relatively small batches of discs to assist our customers with the flexibility and low stock levels that are so much part of today’s requirements.

Spray coating brake discs using robotics provides us with the ability if required to selectively coat only the parts of the disc which may need surface protection, such as the top hat, vents or outer diameter, one side only etc. thereby avoiding applying paint on to the friction faces by control of the gun position and paint controls without the need to use expensive masking arrangements.

We can spray water or solvent based organic or inorganic paints in many different colour choices enabling specifying engineers and stylists to achieve the correct cosmetic finish.

When corrosion protection is required, we offer a range of paints that can provide low neutral salt spray, up to 1000 hours neutral salt spray dependent upon paint type and film thickness deposited.

The flexibility of the machine s highlighted by the range size and weight of part coated, from motor bike discs through to drums, brake calipers and to 340mm supercar discs.

Even where this range cannot be handled, Anochrome can still coat very low volume batches, aluminium bell discs and discs requiring precision line masking via hand spray routes.

Brake Disc Coatings

The range of available material is fully dependent upon the needs of the end product. O/E requirements differ from aftermarket, high volume A and B class vehicles differ from low volume executive and performance models.

To match this range of requirement Anochrome is able to offer a wide range of coating solutions from a number of well-known and specialist coating suppliers, All coatings high or low volumes, robotic or manual spray, undergo the same strict quality control procedure using existing Group personnel and facilities.

The use of zinc flake coatings by major OEM’s worldwide has increased substantially due to the requirements for prolonged corrosion resistance and for fasteners, reproducible tightening performance. Anochrome Group can supply coating materials sourced from four major suppliers in this area, namely:

  • NOF, suppliers of Geomet®; the 360 material is predominantly used for disc coatings.
  • Doerken, suppliers of Delta Tone®, Delta Protekt® and Delta Seal®. here KL100 is the main choice for discs.
  • Magni, suppliers of Magni 560, Magni 565 and Magni 594.
  • Henkel Suncorite® – This is a sprayed coating that provides both an iron phosphate conversion coating and a hard resistant paint. Used as a short term –point of sales coating it is available in black, it is typically applied all over the braking (or clutch) faces which is removed during the first application of the brakes, the coating colour is normally black although translucent blues and golds are available in the TrimiteTrimgard 15® range.
  • Whitford Xylan® selectively applied– is an organic coating formulated to give good corrosion resistance and applied to the central (non- braking) bell of the disc. It contains P.T.F.E, which is perhaps the toughest member of the fluorocarbon family. The visual effect of the P.T.F.E filled paint with its satin appearance coupled with the corrosion resistance and the dirt and brake dust repellent surface makes this an ideal finish for up market OEM’s and aftermarket kits, black is normally specified although gold and red are more exotic choices
  • WeckerleAlutherm® – Heat resistant aluminium paint for all thermal stressed objects, for example brake discs giving lower levels of performance than zinc flake materials but at a more economical price.
  • Schramm such as Sensol®, Senopox® and Senotherm® offer both solvent and water based grey and black finishes that meet a wide range of automotive specifications.

Please see further sections for more specific details of these products.

If you would like further information on brake disc coating from an industry expert or to find out how Anochrome can assist you, please email us via the Contact page, or alternatively you can call us on 01902 397333.