MacDermid Industrial Solutions

MacDermid UK, located in Birmingham, is at the heart of global metal finishing development and one of the Anochrome Group’s key partners. Their 9,000m2 facility houses the R&D, process demonstration, customer service laboratories and manufacturing departments. This enables MacDermid to meet the needs of their customers by developing, testing, servicing and supplying products from one location.

One of the most important aspects of the facility’s functions is “customer driven innovation”, coordinated through customer workshops and technical partnerships. For over 80 years they have been developing solutions which solve problems, such as meeting new environmental regulations, and providing unique, evolutionary improvements for their finished products.

Their new Technical Centre and Process Demonstration facility, specifically designed to develop and support customers such as the Anochrome Group, covers over 700m2. It houses more than 50 demonstration processes (for example zinc, passivation and Torque ‘n’ Tension) as well as advanced analysis and test equipment including:

  • Scanning electron microscope with EDXA
  • Corrosion testing – CASS, Cyclic corrosion
  • X-Ray thickness measurement
  • IR & UV Spectrometry
  • ICP chemical analysis
  • Torque-tension testing

Anti-Corrosion Coatings

MacDermid Anti-corrosion coatings are used extensively in the automotive industry throughout the world to deposit corrosion resistant metallic and organic coatings.

At the heart of this technology are zinc based deposits providing exceptional performance at the lowest unit cost. These zinc / zinc alloy coatings along with passivation and top coat processes, provide exceptional corrosion resistance

As environmental issues continue to be a catalyst for change, they are consistently introducing new or redesigned solutions that completely avoid or minimise pollution risks, most notably within there hexavalent chrome-free ZinKlad systems package

Zinc Systems

MacDermid zinc Systems provide a complete technology that satisfy a full line of rack and barrel application modes

Envirozin Zinc

The most versatile and widely used alkaline zinc system was developed specifically to eliminate the historic problems of adhesion failures of earlier alkaline zinc processes.


Acid chloride zinc systems have long been recognised for high quality, brilliant deposits. Kenlevel chloride zincs are rivalled only by bright nickel in terms of aesthetics.


MacuGuard Mechanical plating systems offer the perfect solution when the potential for hydrogen embrittlement exists. Steel of any hardness can be processed quickly and effectively, offering the same high protection as conventional electroplated zinc deposits. MacuGuard has been specified by leading automotive manufacturing companies for over two decades.

Zinc Alloy Systems

MacDermid innovative alloy systems include zinc-nickel, zinc-iron, zinc-cobalt, zinc-tin and zinc-aluminium, with each deposit offering a unique set of electro-mechanical properties.


Enviralloy Systems produce exceptional alloy uniformity and consistency for reliable protection. Available in colours including clear/silver, iridescent and UV stable blacks. Most are able to withstand elevated temperatures and thermal cycling.

TriPass Trivalent Passivates

MacDermid TriPass range of hexavalent chrome-free products meet all existing, passivation requirements, including

ELV Directives.

Extremely resistant to thermal shock, the entire family can be used in application areas where conventional products simply do not perform.

Available in a range of chemistries, including “thin film” blue bright passivates, “thick film” iridescent passivates and trivalent black processes, TriPass delivers superior heat resistance, corrosion protection, ease of use and exceptional operating tolerance.

Torque ‘N’ Tension

Torque ‘N’ Tension products have been specified by engineers worldwide for over 30 years. They protect and give consistent coefficient of friction characteristics critical for today’s fastener and joint requirements.

Torque ‘N’ Tension range of lubricants provide a lower friction coating than metal to metal joints and are proven to make the relationship more predictable, avoiding too low or too high clamping forces.

If you would like further information on MacDermid from an industry expert or to find out how Anochrome can assist you, please email us via the Contact page, or alternatively you can call us on 01902 397333.