Nyltite collars and sleeves from Inlex Locking

Inlex locking ltd is the European manufacturing and distribution agent for the range of Nyltite collars and sleeves. Inlex Locking can supply a wide range of sizes and types of product to seal, fasten, dampen vibration, and insulate industrial products, aircraft parts, and machine parts. They consist of rolled collars, thin wall snap bushings, grommets, sleeves, standoffs, and spacers. These Nylon fastener components are extruded , not molded. The Nyltite™ Rolled Collar is assembled to standard fasteners and various compressive devices and sold as separate components or assembled fasteners. These nylon plastic fasteners and industrial assemblies have a proven record of simultaneously solving sealing, vibration, and insulation problems.

Nyltite™ Corporation is the inventor and manufacturer of this innovative type of Industrial Nylon Fasteners, Nyltite is located in South Plainfield New Jersey in a 62,000 SQFT of manufacturing space and have been in business for over 50 years.


For more information please see out product range page or contact one of our application engineers on +44 1902 397333

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