xylan coating

Xylan Coating

Xylan®, produced by Whitford, is one of the most well-known industrial coatings. It is actually a fluropolymer, a name certainly a lot less familiar, to the extent many users of Xylan type products only know the coating as Xylan its trade name.

As these applications have grown and become more focused, Xylan coatings have been adjusted to meet the specific demands of each application process, and as a result, Xylan became the largest, complete line of fluoropolymer coatings in the world.

What is Xylan?

A fluoropolymer is a fluorocarbon based polymer with multiple strong carbon–fluorine bonds. It is characterised by a high resistance to solvents, acids, and bases, which endower the material with many key performance strengths.

Xylan can be obtained in over 300 grades many of which contain other additives such as PTFE or MSo3 in varying amounts to improve the performance of the material on one or more criterias.

The material with such additives are also known as Dry Film Lubricants or DFL materials as the surface co-efficient of friction is lowered yet the materials are dry to touch.

The most well know versions of Xylan coating contain PTFE. PTFE material has a coefficient of friction of 0.05 to 0.10, which is the third-lowest of any known solid material. In addition PTFE’s resistance to Van der Waals forces means that it is the only known surface to which, allegedly, a gecko cannot stick.

Among the many properties that these coatings offer (depending upon grade selected) are:

1. Low friction: a coefficient of friction as low as 0.02.
2. Outstanding release.
3. Wear/abrasion resistance even under extreme pressures.
4. Corrosion and chemical resistance in most environments.
5. Weather resistance against salt water, road chemicals, acid rain.
6. Wide operating temperature range from -250°C to +285°C.
7. Flexible curing schedule – ambient to 440°C.
8. UV stability – some formulations have superb resistance to ultraviolet light.
9. Flexibility – bending freely and frequently without breaking.
10. Machinability – apply multiple coats (most formulations) and mill to specification.
11. Excellent adhesion to most metals and plastics.

These coatings can be supplied (depending upon grade) in a variety of colours including whites, creams and oranges. The range of coating and additives allows lubricity to be matched to needs.

We understand that a tailored approach to Xylan coating is essential to your business. You can email us via the Contact page to discuss your individual requirements with an expert. We are also happy to provide you with further information on the organic coating process by email, or alternatively you can call us on 01902 397333.